November 17, 2017


Debt relief: Over 22 Years in the making


Dear Visitor:


My name is Darel Long, the founder of this site. I can’t express how thankful I am to finally pay off two large debt groups. In 2016 and recently, I began to pay off the last debt group. Most all private debt will be paid off, in full, by the end of December 2017. My former custody case took six years and three months to remedy and no one can ever imagine the complications involved.


A six year and threemonth custody case, combined with major medical issues, was a recipe for financial disaster.


Thankfully, I discovered workable methods to overcome major debt and I’ve done my best to seek those whom I owe, some of which no longer show as part of public or private reports.


If I have overlooked any debt holder, regardless if public or private, please complete the contact form and list, in detail, any unresolved financial issue. I will check for email replies each Tuesday by 8:00 pm, with exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas week.


Long Settlement is established settle income and resolve private and public personal debt. If you are seeking settlement regarding medical debt please visit: Darelshealth.com and follow instructions regarding any and all medical debt


If we are currently working toward settlement and you engage contact through this site, I will not respond other than our previous contact channels.



I think most people would agree when one has the ability to repay any and all debt, no stone should be left unturned to find any and all unpaid private and personal debt. This site is an extension of an expansive effort to make certain all debt is paid in full


Long Settlement, L.L.C. income is derived from real estate opportunities, primary from the West Indies Region prior during and after formation of West Indies Home Deals.


Long Settlement, L.L.C. will also receive monies from: DarelsDeals.com at the end of the first quarter of 2018 to settle additional debt and medical debt. The site is currently in development.


Long Settlement, L.L.C was established October 9, 2017. As of November 17, 2017, we are currently waiting on institutional demands for documentation from various West Indies regions, all of which began with 9 documents. I am now waiting on the 8th and 9th document. As of November 8, 2017, the 8th document is confirmed mailed on November 16, 2017. Most mail from the West Indies takes 5-12 days to reach Miami, FL. Once received, my contact in Miami will let me know ASAP. Later next week, I expect to receive the status of the 9th and final document. Upon receipt, I will be able to provide a final update to engage Long Settlement for the remaining settlement of public and private debt. As the intuitional documents demands are meet, we successfully settle the next Group payout.


All public and private debt, apart from medical debt, will be paid via Long Settlement, L.L.C. Any and all medical debt will be paid via Darel’s Health, the proposed L.L.C. name, beginning late December 2017.


If public and/or private debt is realized, please complete this contact form. I will review all email from this site Tuesday nights by 8:00 pm and follow up within 2 working days, with exception to Thanksgiving and Christmas week.




Darel Long


Please complete the contact form regarding any private or public debt and/or any debt related topic only. I check replies Tuesday’s before 8:00 pm and respond within 2 days thereafter.

  • Address: P.0. Box 10871 Blacksburg, Va. 24062
  • Email: support@longsettlement.com