March 9, 2018


Debt relief: Over 22 Years in the making, the final document required holding the government seal was received Feb 15, 2018 and passed along to me on Feb 16, 2018 and forward to four internet banks. Today’s update brings forward new information and a bank approved the opening of new account on March 1, 2018. The new account opening documents were received March 8, 2018 and returned today March 9, 2018. I now expect the new account to be issued by March 16, 2018


Notice: For a few who didn’t respond by January 18, 2018, by 5:00 p.m., it was important for me to receive the requested and required data. Once received, your money will be included in the next payout. If the requested information has been provided, your needs will now be addressed with the next payout to occur roughly 30-45 days after Group 3: Round 1 part 2, is paid out.


Dear Visitor:


My name is Darel Long, the founder of this site. I can’t express how thankful I am to finally pay off two large debt groups. In 2016, and recently, I began to pay off the last debt group. The next settlement will commence upon completing remaining steps.


On January 12, 2018, a lawyer, who is well versed with West Indies and Caribbean law, gained confirmation from the last West Indies government region.


A private letter will be issued to each contact owed on March 27, 2018. This letter will include new and updated information.


Our request has been long standing and after additional information has been received from the last West Indies region, the documents required to complete our part were brought to the attention of a regional government manager on January 2, 2018. This regional manager stated verbally that our documents were in order and were going to be sent between January 25 and 26, 2018. In actuality, the document was sent January 31, 2018. The actual document was received state side on Feb 15, 2018.


Like so many government offices across the world, a process is required for anything to be completed. Once the final approved document was received, this empowered Long Settlement L.L.C. to complete the last steps soon after followed by settlement.


It’s taken a long time to obtain documentation from the last region in the West Indies and we were often told conflicting answers.


Once the bank account is established, the final steps are basic and simple. A detail of remaining steps will be simple, leading us to settlement for the next payout. Long Settlement L.L.C. will provide the pathway toward settlement of private and public debt. Thankfully, I discovered three workable methods to overcome major debt. I’ve done my best to seek those whom I owe; some of which no longer show as part of public or private reports.


If I have overlooked any debt holder, regardless if public or private, please complete the contact form and list, in detail, any unresolved financial issue. I will check for email replies each Tuesday by 8:00 pm and respond accordingly within 10 working days.


Long Settlement L.L.C. is established to settle income and resolve private and public personal debt. If you are seeking settlement regarding medical debt please visit: Darelshealth.com and follow instructions regarding any and all medical debt.


Groups 1 and 2 were paid off in full in 2016. Group 3 debt settlement began July 2017, thus Group 3: Round 1, part 2, was successfully paid directly to settlement lawyers for disbursement. Group 3: Round 1, part 2, will commence once the remaining steps are completed and details of this will be issued privately. The purpose of Long Settlement will safely protect incoming assets to settle debt. Once the L.L.C was issued, I sought the bank’s attention and thus exchanged information of specific documents required for nine regions of business. Since September 17, 2017, it’s taken a long time to receive the proper documents and today’s confirmation is outstanding news.


If we are currently working toward settlement, and you engage contact through this site, I will not respond other than through our previous contact channels.


For other updates and progress your welcome to visit: Darel Long.



Most people would agree when one has the ability to repay any and all debt, no stone should be left unturned to find any and all unpaid private and personal debt. This site is an extension of an expansive effort to make certain all debt is paid in full.


Long Settlement, L.L.C. income is derived from real estate opportunities, primarily from the West Indies Region, prior during and after formation of West Indies Home Deals.


Long Settlement, L.L.C. will also receive monies from: DarelsDeals.com at the end of the first quarter of 2018, to settle additional debt and medical debt. The site is currently in development.


Long Settlement, L.L.C was established October 9, 2017. Since October 16, 2017 we have sought vital documents to impact Long Settlement’s account. On Jan 31, 2018, the last sealed document was mailed. As of today March 9, 2018 the account opening documents were forward to the preferred bank and thereafter once the account is issued a private letter will be sent on March 27, 2018.


All public and private debt, apart from medical debt, will be paid via Long Settlement, L.L.C. Any and all medical debt will be paid via Darel’s Health.


If public or private debt is realized, please complete this contact form. I will review all email from this site Monday nights, by 8:00 pm, and follow up within 10 working days.


Your welcome to visit my personal website at:DarelLLong.com for current information.




Darel Lynwood Long


Please complete the contact form regarding any private or public debt and/or any debt related topic only. I check replies Tuesday’s before 8:00 pm and respond within 2 days thereafter.

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